New Ensembles for Bell Kits

PerMus Publications has always been a leader in educational music for percussion.  Our new series of bell ensembles will help the elementary and middle school band teacher introduce mallet ensemble playing to their percussion section.  It will also help answer the question: “What do I do with these bell kits?’ We have approached several of our top composers to arrange ensembles that can be played on the limited range of a standard beginners bell kit. They have come through with several fun and educational pieces. These pieces are also playable on any mallet instrument or can be used with mallet instrument and any “C” instrument.  Great for upper strings, flutes and guitars with mallets instruments.

Amazing Grace - Murray Houllif - Trio Easy - A trio arrangement of the classic hymn. In 3/4 time written in C major with a modulation to F major. Great for teaching dynamics as well as ensemble playing.

Beethoven’s Bellmen - Jeffrey T. Parthun Sr. - Trio Easy - Based on Ode to Joy with a surprise quote at the end, Beethoven's Bellmen is an excellent contest piece for beginning mallet players.  It is playable on any combination of keyboard instruments but works especially well with bell kits. 
ME-10114  $10.00 

Bells on Ice, “From Skater’s Waltz" - Jeffrey T. Parthun Sr. - Trio Easy - This arrangement of the theme from Emile Waldteufel’s “Les Patineurs, op. 183, is for three players.  Jeffrey has a mini-lesson included that explains glissando techniques and double stops as used in the arrangement.
ME-10127  $10.00 

Joy To The World - Mark Shelton - Bell Trio plus one Aux. Percussion Easy - A classic Christmas Carol arranged for bell trio with the addition of an auxillary percussionist playing tambourine and sleigh bells.  Great small ensemble for the holiday season. Hear a performance of Joy To The World below.
ME-10128  $10.00 

Mozart Mosaic - Ryan Garner - Trio Easy/Medium - This is a collection of Mozart melodies from Eine Kline Nacht Music, Sonata in C, Symphony 25, Rondo Alla Turca and Ah vous dirai-je (Twinkle, twinkle).  The three parts are balanced so everyone gets a chance at being the solo voice.

ME-10126  $10.00 

Pavan - Luis Milan - Murray Houllif - Quartet Easy - One of our most popular composers arranges a Pavan for bell quartet. In the key of D, this arrangement will also work on any mallet instrument combination. Some meter variation and well placed dynamics make this an interesting piece to teach as well as play.
ME-10124  $10.00 

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