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2 BITS: Drumset  Solo
Jeffrey Parthun, Sr.
This  Grade 1-2 drumset solo introduces the player to common patterns that one needs for playing  drumset in an ensemble, be it a school jazz, pep, or concert band, or a garage band or praise band. All solos in this series include  a “mini lesson” page.

DS-10001 (TX)
Price: $5.00

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4 BITS: Drumset Solo
Jeffrey Parthun, Sr. This Grade 2 drumset solo will be enjoyable to play and helpful in developing the skills of the drumset player, including techniques for correct playing of the hi-hat cymbals.

DS-10002 (TX)
Price: $5.00

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6 BITS: Drumset Solo
Jeffrey Parthun, Sr. This Grade 3 drumset solo will aid the  player in developing a good triplet or “swing” feel as used in many contemporary hit  rock, jazz, and Latin tunes.  This solo, as all of the drumset  solos in the series,  is written for a standard 4 piece drumset (snare, bass, attached tom, floor tom, hi-hat pedal cymbals, and ride and/or crash cymbal).

DS-10003 (TX)
Price: $5.00


James L. Moore
This newly re-engraved book is an easy introduction to the basic skills needed to play the drum set, and will 

* Give the beginning drum set player of any age the right start!
* Give the non-percussionist music director good information about drum set playing!
* Provide the percussion instructor with a fine tool for teaching beginning drum set!

Price: $10.95 


David Mancini

PerMus Publications and David Mancini have edited and re-engraved the Drum Set Solo “Groovin’ in Trinidad”. David has taken the time to re-edit and update the look of his classic solo. Way fun to play. Fits on a standard 5-piece kit.

Price: $7.00


Murray Houllif 

Solo written for a standard drum set
in the style of Philly Jo Jones, Kenny Clark & Max Roach.

Excellent performance of Homage by Tom Cox at Kenyon College in the video below.

DS-10005 (OH, TX))
Price: $8.00

READY-DRUM SET-GO! – Four Easy Solos for Drum Set with Melody Accompaniment  
James L. Moore

These very easy drum set solos, built on well known tunes, are an enjoyable way for the beginning drum set player to coordinate the playing of snare drum rhythms with the bass drum foot pedal. Also these solos could be used for drums and mallet instruments in “concert style” standup classes.

Price: $5.00


SET3 (Set Cubed)
arr. Adam Grim 

Trio scored for three drum set players. Written in three movements with ample space for solo improvisation.  Great showpiece for your percussion section.

Price $25.00

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