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Belgian Composers Yves Carlin and Claudy Mahieu

CECI EST PRESQUUN TANGO - Yves Carlin and Claudy Mahieu - Marimba solo piano accompaniment.

This is the first of we hope many pieces from Yves and Claudy.
 "Almost a Tango" is written for Marimba with piano accompaniment. The two mallet solo utilizes the entire range of the marimba and is scored for 5 Octave with an alternate part for 4 1/3 Octave. The piano accomaniment is charming and the marimba solo is one of the best two mallet solos we have scene in some time. The recording below is the 5 Octave version.




Cary Dachtyl 

Tequila Sunrise is a fun to play marimba solo concert piece. Many students have used it for audition and competitions for scholarships over the years when it was only available in manuscript format. After some encouragement from colleagues and my teachers, I have “finally” engraved and released this solo. 

Price: $10.00 


Mark Shelton 
Interesting and entertaining 4 mallet solo on orchestra bells. Multi meter and impovisatory sections make this a challenging solo.  Also playable on vibraphone.

PRICE: $12.00

New Original Snare Drum Solos  from Richard Eleck

Great original contemporary snare drum solos for recital or contest from the pen of Richard Eleck.

Accent This! 
SS-10022  $8.00

Animal Instincts 
SS-10023 $8.00

Flam Tripadiddle
SS-10024  $8.00

New Original Ragtime Mallet Ensemble
from Ryan Garner


GRAY FOX RAG, THE - Ryan E. Garner - Xylo solo with Marimba quartet accompaniment.

Gray Fox Rag adds Ryan's own flavor to the genre of ragtime. However; like the gray fox itself, the piece is not what it seems. The piece explores some odd phrases of seven bars as well as a total of five different tonic areas, much more than the ragtime standard of two. This piece also begins and concludes in a minor key which is also unusual for its ragtime counterparts. Just like the piece, a gray fox is also not what it seems like either. He boasts a mostly red coat of fur despite its name suggesting otherwise. Seeing the similarities of the two, I decided to name one contradiction after the other: the Gray Fox Rag. Performance below by the composer and friends at Ohio State University.


New Book From Al Payson


Compiled and Edited by Al Payson
Reading and Musicality studies in the form of duets from Al Payson, Principle Percussionist emeritus of the Chicago Symphony. Mr. Payson has arranged these Novice to Intermediate duets so they can be played between any two mallet instruments (Marimba, Xylophone, Vibe or Glockenspiel), or either part can be played with playalong tracks provided below. 

Click here to Download Play-a-Long Files for Duets for Marimba

Price $15.00

New Music for Your Marching Percussion Section

Darryl J. Mika is a former member of the U.S.M.C Drum and Bugle Corps. He served as director of the Buckeye State Caballaros Drum and Bugle Corps and Percussion Instructor for both the Northern Lights and Bluecoats. He is presently working at Baldwin-Wallace University as Percussion caption for the Marching Yellow Jackets. 

Sudu Drumline.jpg

Inspired by Kodo drumming of Japan, Darryl J. Mika composed Sudu for the American marching drum line. One definition of Kodo is “heartbeat”. In Sudu, Darryl simulates the taiko (Japanese drums) with American counterparts. The heartbeat of the piece is the o-daiko (large drum), covered by three bass drums (minimum 26”) mounted on stadium stands with the heads looser than normal. The snares represent the small rope tensioned shime-daiko, The quads and pitched bass drums represent miscellaneous sized chu-daiko. This piece will be fun for your Intermediate Drumline.

Price: $25.00

Hungarian Drumline

HUNGARIAN DANCE #5 The most well known of the Hungarian Dances by Johannes Brahms (completed in 1869), Hungarian Dance #5 has been turned into an exciting arrangement for marching percussion. Scored for bells, xylophone, snare drum, quads, bass drum, and cymbals, Darryl features each of the sections through the csardas folk melodies of Hungary with the pulsating rhythms of America.

Price: $25.00

Per-Mus acquires rights to 
Der Paukenmeister,
March Triumpant and
The Blue Parrot


Murray Houllif 
Three movement suite for four solo timpani. Grade 6 difficulty but well worth the effort. One of Murray Houllif’s most popular timpani solo’s. PerMus is happy to have acquired the rights to this gem and republishes it in a newly engraved edition.

Price: $9.00 

Performance of Der Paukenmeister courtesy René Mair. Germany.


Murray Houllif 

Single movement solo for four timpani. Grade 3-4 difficulty. 
Another of Murray Houllif’s popular timpani solo’s. PerMus is happy to have acquired the rights to this gem and republishes it in a newly engraved edition.

Price: $8.00 


Murray Houllif
One of Murray Houllif’s clasic ensembles, now re-engraved and re-issued by PerMus. The Blue Parrot is a Rock-Latin sextet Graded 3+. The piece is scored for Bells, Vibes, Marimba, drum set, conga drum and auxillary percussion.  The keyboard players also double on latin instruments during the percussion jam section.

Price: $15.00

New Composers/New Music
New Percussion Music for 2016


Sarah Waters 

Sarah Waters of Ohio Northern University teaches Applied Percussion, Steel Drum Band, Percussion Ensemble, African Music. Her first submission to PerMus is Piece for Ghana.  Piece for Ghana is written for 5 Djembes, however, you may substitute other drums as needed for players 3-5. This piece is intended to introduce players to djembe playing techniques. There is a description of playing techniques included in the score.
Price: $12.00 

Students of Sarah Waters at Ohio Northern University performing Piece for Ghana

AMBIRA Mallet Arrangements by Don Larsen


The set of “Danzas Espanolas” was composed by Enrique Granados between 1892 and 1900. They are among his earliest works. Inspiration for these arrangements came from hearing a LA Guitar Quartet performance on the radio of the “Villanesca”. I immediately heard the possibilities for an arrangement for mallet ensemble. Alicia De Laroccha’s superb piano performances on CD also inspired me to arrange the “Jota” and “Oriental”. My thanks to my friends and colleagues, members of the Ambira Mallet Ensemble, Murray Houllif, Alec Massaro, Ross Burwasser and Greg Charnon for bringing these arrangements to life. All recording by Ambira Mallet Ensemble.

VILLANESCA - Granados/Larsen 4 M/D Mallet Quartet scored for 3 Marimbas and vibraphone. ME-10120 $16.00

ORIENTAL - Granados/Larsen 3 M/D Mallet Trio scored for 3 Marimbas. ME-10121 $12.00

JOTA (RONDALLA ARGONESA) - Granados/Larsen 4 M/D Mallet Quartet scored for 3 Marimbas and vibraphone. ME-10122 $16.00


CHORUS OF THE BELLS from Pagliacci - Leoncavallo - arr. Cary Dachtyl
The Chorus of Bells, from Leoncavallo’s Il Pagliacci, is an arrangement of the vocal chorus of towns people on their way to vespers before a night at the traveling show. Little do they know what’s in store for them. The chorus starts very strong and fades away as the villagers move off to the church and ends quietly. 

Although mostly a mallet ensemble, the timpani and added orchestral percussion really adds to the piece.  Both marimba parts can be performed on a single instrument. If a 5 octave is available, the performer may transpose some of the Marimba 2 parts to a lower octave.

Price: $15.00

Kenyon Percussion Ensemble - Chorus of the Bells

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